Tips & FAQs

1) How long do the bites keep?  

Once made, store energy bites in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to two to three weeks.  The outside pouch is food-safe and resealable, just for this purpose!

2) Why kits and not premade bars? 

The short answer:  Fresh tastes better! And when you make them yourself, you have the flexibility to add different flavors and textures to suit your taste buds.   

3) My mix is coming out a little dry and crumbly?

We use natural peanut butter that naturally separates over time and want to avoid adding extra oils (such as palm oil).  If your mixture is a little dry, first try  massaging the peanut butter package before opening to work some of the natural oils back into the mixture.  If it is still a little dry, add one (1) teaspoon of water to the mix before rolling it into bites.   

4)  Can I reuse the packaging?

Yes!  We give you the ingredients in reusable, resealable bags (except the peanut butter mixture) so that you can reuse them to take your energy bites along with you.  The small bags are perfect for shorter adventures (2-4 bites/bag) and the larger one holds enough for a full day of fun!  Also, the external pouch is food-safe and can be used to store the finished bites in your refrigerator.

5) Can I use the kit to make something other than energy bites?

Absolutely!  We like leaving some of the mix crumbly and using it to top some plain greek yogurt for breakfast.  Tag us on Instagram (@evasenergy) or Facebook (Eva's Energy) to show us how you use your energy bite kits!