About Us

Eva’s Energy was founded on the simple idea that food tastes better when it is fresh, comes from your own kitchen, and is made with ingredients you can pronounce. 

Starting with energy bites, Eva's Energy will give you fresh, natural ingredients you can pronounce, all pre-measured and ready to mix, that make a delicious, homemade snack to take along with you. Gone are the days of opening the pantry to make your own bites only to find you are missing one key ingredient. And since we’ve done part of the work for you, they only take a few minutes to mix and roll. Take whatever amount you need with you and leave the rest in the fridge for next time (or for breakfast!). And while we think the bites are delicious as is, you can customize it to your liking with various additions or substitutions. In fact, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook and tell us how you make it your own!

As the Eva’s brand grows, we plan to bring you additional kits to make your homemade cooking easier – foods that taste as good as grandma’s, but meet the needs of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Who is Eva?

Eva's is named after my grandmother, a strong-willed woman born and raised on the plains in Eastern Montana in the early 1900s. It was she that helped teach me to bake and encouraged the hobby throughout my childhood. While I have many memories of baking rolls or breakfast breads in her kitchen (I have her KitchenAid stand mixer and still use it today. The thing must be ~50 years old at this point!), there is one conversation I distinctly remember: I would attend cooking school in San Francisco and Paris before returning to Montana, where I would open a restaurant/bakery and build my culinary empire. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly follow that path, and instead studied and worked in finance. Until now.